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The Owners of Onu Body Care

The two key proprietors of Onu Body Care Inc. have over 40 years of combined experience in the Ostrich farming and processing industry.

Leveraging their international relationships they have kept up with or are leading the way in the world wide Ostrich Industry, and have worked closely with doctors and scientists to verify the benefits and improve the quality of the products. 

Karen Espersen

Karen Espersen (President)

The president Ms. Espersen has spent 20+ years exclusively working within all aspects of the Ostrich Industry. She worked with reputable veterinarians, managed quarantine stations, completed three Ostrich shred projects for the government and became an expert in all areas of incubation and hatching of the Ostriches.

It was from her early research and continued investigations that she recognized the exceptional values of the Ostrich oil healing powers and began the wheels turning to create the Onu products and business model. 

She is currently the Director on the Alberta Ostrich Association and the Canadian Ostrich Association.

Dave Bilinski

Dave Bilinski (Vice President)

Mr. Bilinski has also over 20 years experience working in the Ostrich Industry. He was the president of the Rocky Mountain Ostrich Farm, the company that supplied prime Ostrich breeding stock to Canada.

He travelled around the world to continue his work within the industry and actually built Ostrich quarantine stations in Zimbabwe, Namibia, England and his home country of Canada. 

He was instrumental in improving the quality of breeding stock in Canada by using his contacts and expertise to select and import only ostrich that had the desired genetic traits to produce large bodied birds which grow quickly producing quality meat and oil.

Continually improving standards within the Canadian market. 

Dave was one of the first in Canada to employ a Record of Performance feed program and also helped impliment a DNA fingerprinting research project.

Both Karen and Dave are well known throughout Canada for their expertise and are often the individuals many university institutions, government and private agencies contact to acquire information and product stock for further research and developement.

From the beginning they both shared the common belief and rexognized that the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greek cultures were correct in indentifying that the healing benefits of the Ostrich are a vital contribution to human health.