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the onu difference

The Onu Difference

ONU Body Care products are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients available in the world. 

The quality of the birds, the feed and the research and development all play a significant role creating the ONU difference. The two key proprietors of the company have over 40 years combined experience in the Ostrich farming and processing industry. 

They have combined their expertise to ensure that only the best birds with selected genetics are chosen to be breeders on their vertically integrated, family operated, ostrich farms. 

Leveraging their international relationships they have kept up with or are leading the way in the world wide ostrich industry. Using CFIA inspected processing plants, experienced scientists, and chemists ONU uses the exceptionally high grade pure oil to develop the body care products. 

ONU has played a proactive role in motivating the scientific community to continue proving the effectiveness of ostrich oil as an effective solution to cosmetic and clinical issues.

ONU only sources ostrich oil from their vertically integrated ostrich farms, this allows 100% quality control over all phases of oil production. ONU does not purchase cheap lower grade ostrich oil from other parts of the world. 

As a Canadian company, ONU farms their ostrich in a colder climate. The cold climate produces a hardier bird with superior oil traits. 

ONU has also created a comprehensive diet solution for the birds that is vegetarian, all natural with no animal by-products, no growth hormones, and no antibiotics in the feed. 

This further supports the commitment to producing verifiable pure natural raw oil which is used in all of the ONU products. An industry leading purification Company is contracted to apply a two stage purification process that is considered the most stringent and demanding in the world today. 

This produces a base oil that is odorless, tasteless and food grade – the purest form possible. The stringent ONU process is even Halal certified which means it meets the inflexible criteria set out for use by the Muslim community.