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DR. Wikenheiser

This letter from Dr Wikenheiser highlights the first hand positive results he has been witnessing when employing Onu Body Care products to address his clients’ numerous skin and ailment issues.

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Urban Renewal is a state of the art multidisciplinary Massage Therapy Clinic, offering Registered Massage, Bio-Flex Laser Therapy and Active Release Technique.

This letter reviews our therapist’s experiences and interactions with Ostrich Oil used primarily by our clinic as massage oil and secondarily as lubrication to eliminate friction while performing Soft Tissue Mobilization.

Initially hearing of Ostrich Oil at a trade fair we were impressed by its high quality and possible medicinal applications. We knew that this was something we wanted to offer in our clinic, and became the first clinic in Alberta to be able to offer this unique product to our patients.

Since April 2009 we have primarily used Ostrich Oil as our main source of massage oil. We have found that it is superior to other products on the market in that it, though easily absorbable it doesn’t require reapplication, is water soluble, maintains its consistency and unlike 90% of all available commercial massage oils is nut free. This alone is greatly advantageous with the rising amount of individuals with nut allergies. With this we can offer a nut free zone with is safer for our clients as well as their families.

In addition to massage we use this oil as a medium for Soft Tissue Mobilization, this treatment requires the use of a specialized tool to break down scar tissue and realign muscle fibers. Most creams and oils congeal on the skin and cause chaffing and petechiae with the amount of friction that is required to successfully carry out the treatment. The use of Ostrich Oil has all but eliminated the skin irritation caused by the excessive friction and in fact seems to lessen the redness and post treatment discomfort.

As a continued commitment to quality and innovation for our patients we plan on extending our use  with this superior product.


Sherry R.M.T., ART©, LLLT

I am writing to THANK YOU for Onu body care. My daughter has suffered from eczema for 15yr and since you have introduced us to this product her skin has healed.

Honestly when my husband brought Onu home I told him NO way. We have seen so many doctors natural paths etc. and nothing seemed to work. I had had it with all creams and advice. Sebastian was so insisted on Kayla trying it, I am so happy he was able to convince her to try it. O.M.G. words cannot express how great full we are to you for this product.

Kayla is able to shower without her skin burning, she doesn’t spend her days itchy, and wow her hands look like normal 15 year old hands.

Further I would like to add, we have noticed Kayla’s skin healing so quickly we took it a step further and used it on our faces me included. For the kids it has healed acne scars and for me I have noticed improvement around my eyes not only for wrinkles but for puffiness and dark circles.

We as a family HIGHLY recommend ONU.

Forever Thankful,


I used Onu moisturizing cream for approximately 2 months. During that time I experienced a dramatic difference in my skin. I never had a single breakout of acne (which I have always been prone to) while using this product. My skin was also noticeably softer and the lines in my face reduced. Once I ran out Onu and due to the inability to purchase more in my area, I continued using my previous high quality moisturizer. I could not believe how dry and tight my skin felt even after applying more of my previous moisturizer than usual. My skin also began having breakouts again. I absolutely will continue to use Onu moisturizer every opportunity I can and would absolutely recommend this product to my friends and family.