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Ostrich vs Emu

Ostrich Oil compared to Emu Oil

The Ostrich and the Emu are similar in many ways and different in many others. These Ratites – birds that don’t fly but are accomplished runners – are said to be from the same ancestry that separated over 80 million years ago.

The shorter Emu is predominantly from Australia while the taller big bird Ostrich was from Africa.

There are numerous historical documentations that note the widespread use of Ostrich Oil by ancient Egyptian, Roman and African cultures well over 3,000 years ago for cosmetic and healing purpose such as healing burns and reduce scarring, heal lesions and reduce skin irritations such as eczema, dermatitis, bed sores, dry skin, psoriasis to name a few.

However it has been the Emu industry sector that has done a better job of promoting the cosmetic and healing benefits of the Emu Oil in the market today.

It has become a very viable and profitable commercial business.

Scientific Research Comparisons

Both birds have high levels of Omega 3, 6, & 9 – the skin loving Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). 

These fatty acids are very important for cell growth, division and recovery and have amazing healing properties for many conditions.

Due to the relatively recent acknowledged benefits of Omegas there has been an international groundswell of new scientific research in this field.

Scientists are concluding that not only do these two ratite birds contain very high levels of Omegas, they also conclude that the Ostrich Oil in some categories is superior to Emu Oil.

Employing scientists and laboratories throughout North America, Maxxam Analytics Inc. has been an industry leader for over 40 years.

They conducted an Oil Comparison Study for the Ontario Ratite Association, in 2001. The study concluded that all three oils (ostrich, emu and rhea) were very closely related.

However, not only will Ostrich Oil perform the same as Emu Oil but in several areas it even surpasses the guide lines that have been set for Emu Oil by the emu oil industry.

Oil Quality

Ostrich Oil is completely non-comedogenic…it does not clog pores.

It has a smaller molecular makeup than Emu Oil and human skin making it transdermal…meaning it does not sit on top of the skin as do so many moisturizers.

Therefore it will penetrate quicker and deeper into the skin giving you much better results. There is also a difference in the overall quality of the products. 

Most Emu Oil products are commercial formulas which contain a high amount of chemicals and paraben preservatives.

Onu’s Ostrich Oil is more concentrated and purified using the most stringent process in the world today. 

Review the “Products” section of the Onu website.