50 mL Onu Pure Ostrich Oil
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For any severe skin condition as an agent to help heal.
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After studying the components of our ostrich oil for 20 years we are confident that our oil is the best ostrich oil on the market today.  We carefully studied the diet to enhance the omegas and healing properties.  Produced in Canada in a cold climate we naturally produce a higher grade of oil. When we say PURE we mean Pure, there is no additives and no preservatives so it has to be kept in the fridge to prevent loss of omega vitality. Pure oil is recommended for any Severe skin condition as an agent to help heal. Especially good for severe eczema, scars, burns, age spots, abrasions, arthritis and stretch marks.

A small amount will go a long way. Rub in until the oily feeling goes away and then the oil has reached beneath the skins surface to help heal and replenish the skin cells where necessary.

Size 30 mL, 50 mL