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This high performance moisturizer helps to rehydrate your skin with omegas 3-6-9, while not clogging your pours. It works to minimize wrinkles, leaving your skin looking radiant, noticeably younger and very soft.

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Onu Moisturizer works to not only hydrate the skins surface but works below the layers to regenerate the skins cells. It is a natural product with no SPF’s, yet it has a natural source of retinoid to replenish any signs of aging. It also has a natural anti-inflammatory component to it for puffy skin. Onu Moisturizer is great for skin cell replenishment and sun damaged skin and overall feel and look. Great to wear under make-up with no oily texture.

Apply immediately after washing, to face and neck. Use daily under make-up and follow with night serum for best anti-aging results.


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