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Research with Ostrich Oil

Current Research

As we mentioned in the “History of Ostrich” section of our website, scientist have recently become excited and intrigued about the healing and cosmetic benefits of fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9.

They currently spend significant resources to uncovering the best opportunities to obtain these essential fatty acids and finding better ways for people to take advantages of the unquestioned benefits of the Omegas.

Throughout the research, the science world is cataloging and rating best concentration percentages in all products.

Ratite birds…especially the oil from the Ostrich has garnered very promising results, which just supports what has been known for centuries.

Australian researchers have proven that when lab rats are treated with chemotherapy they recover from the adverse chemo side effects much quicker when they are fed ostrich or emu oil.

Onu and other organizations continue to support ongoing research and development in this area.

Below are just some example of reports and feedback you may find of interest.

University of British Columbia, Canada

A recent UBC Research conducted by Dr. Kim Chang and Dr. Darin Bennett found that the fatty acid composition of the Onu Ostrich Oil was found to be 50% higher in Omega 3, 6 and 9 than literature values…almost twice as high in Omega 9.

Maxxam Report:

Employing scientists and laboratories throughout North America,

Maxxam Analytics Inc. has been an industry leader for over 40 years.

They conducted an Oil Comparison Study for the Ontario Ratite Association, in 2001. The study concluded that all three oils (ostrich, emu and rhea) were very closely related.

However, not only will Ostrich Oil perform the same as the more commonly known Emu Oil, it even surpasses the guide lines that have been set for Emu Oil by the emu oil industry.

Ostrich Oil has a higher content of omega-3…the essential fatty oils that are essential for cell growth, division and recovery.     

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DR. Wikenheiser

This letter from Dr Wikenheiser highlights the first hand positive results he has been witnessing when employing Onu Body Care products to address his clients’ numerous skin and ailment issues.

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From DR. Wikenheiser